Cleaning windows made easy

Unfortunately, we cannot clean the windows for you, but we can make it as easy and convenient for you as possible. That’s why our developers have hidden as many parts as possible in the window frame and window sash. This makes cleaning and looking after your windows considerably faster:

  • Invisible locking: our UPVC window KF 500 with I-tec locking is not only our top product in terms of security, but you also have great advantages when cleaning your windows. Only a few hardware parts remain visible and are hardly protruding, in between you will find smooth, easy-to-care-for UPVC surfaces! No more dirt grooves in the rebate area – you will be thrilled!
  • Concealed hardware: our windows are equipped with concealed hardware as standard. This means, no interference through oily hardware or rickety covers when cleaning.
  • No hardware grooves: the rebate area in our windows is free from hardware grooves and can therefore be easily wiped clean.
  • Designer closing elements: all closing elements are manufactured using high-quality materials and are rounded on the edges for easier cleaning.
  • Easy-to-care-for surfaces: highly weather-resistant aluminium coatings on the outside retain the colours of your windows for many years. The smooth surfaces can be easily wiped and cleaned.

Permanently beautiful windows and doors

Internorm products are generally low-maintenance and easy to clean. Nevertheless, you should regularly care for your windows and doors. Your products will remain permanently beautiful and you will extend their life span.

We recommend you the following products for:

  • UPVC surfaces
  • Aluminium surfaces
  • Hardware
  • Gaskets

You can order these cleaning products at your Internorm distribution partner!