Sophisticated Sun Protection for Your Home

Large windows and bright rooms are warmer and provide comfort but they have the disadvantage of bringing more solar radiation and attracting curious onlookers. However, with the sun protection systems from Internorm, you will able to decide on the visual and lighting conditions in your own home.

Having optimal lighting is not only important for your emotional well-being, but also for your health, since getting a good night’s sleep depends mainly on the lighting in your room. And in the summer, it’s important to “keep a cool head”. This makes it important to have the right shading. With the Internorm sun protection products, you ensure shade during the day and pleasant temperatures in your room.

For even more comfort, combine the sun protection products with the I-tec SmartWindows, where you can comfortably control the shade in the room via your smartphone or tablet, as well as set automatic functions.

Windows with integrated blinds

Blinds, Venetian blinds or Duette blinds are already integrated between the panes with this window and therefore protected from dirt. Troublesome cleaning of slats has become a thing of the past. Upon request, the sun protection can also be controlled without external power source via photovoltaic module and batteries. I-tec SmartWindow also enables convenient operation via tablet or Smartphone.

Venetian Blinds

Different positions of the Venetian blind slats make the exterior facade look exciting time and again. For the inside it enables optimum control and guiding of light and warmth. Upon request, our Venetian blinds are available with the daylight guiding RETROLux. Additionally, they can also be combined with insect protection.

Exposed roller shutters

Roller shutters completely black out your rooms and at the same time offer perfect additional thermal and weather protection. Internorm roller shutters are available either loose or already fitted on the window. Also, they can be combined with insect protection.

Round box roller shutters

We can offer roller shutters especially for the traditional building style with an exposed round box. They can also be combined with insect protection.

Mini exposed roller shutters

Mini exposed roller shutters are already completely fitted to the window and are especially suitable for refurbishment. They can be combined with insect protection

Inside blinds

Inside blinds are fitted directly to the window sash. Blinds, Venetian blinds or opaque Duette blinds are available in many colours. The cover bead can be colour-coordinated to the inside colour of the window.

Window shutters

Aluminium window shutters are extremely easy to clean and can be designed in many colours. Next to the standard version with one continuous panel, there are different design possibilities available. Additionally, window shutters can be combined with insect protection.

Energy-efficient Sun Protection

With I-tec shading, Internorm offers energy-efficient sun protection for the composite window systems KV 440 and HV 350. Venetian, pleated, or Duette blinds are integrated between the window panes and are operated by means of a photovoltaic module. An automatic mode with day/night detection allows for the self-opening of the blinds at sunrise and their closing at sunset.