Maximum Protection from Insects

Enough with the annoying insects in the living area! With the insect screens of Internorm, the unwelcome guests belong to the past.

Just as temperatures rise, it’s time to open the windows and enjoy the light summer breeze. But as soon as the light in the interior is turned on, it starts: the intolerable buzzing and flapping. The mosquitoes, flies, moths and beetles can then become a real plague.

But there are simple solutions so that you can relax and enjoy the nice evenings. The pull-down, rotating, sliding and fixed screens from Internorm protect you from unsolicited guests. The insect protection systems thus make your windows a functional unit and make each room an insect-free zone.

The clever systems are made to measure, installed directly on the window or in the roller shutter box and adapted to the building conditions.

Pull-down Screens

Pull-down screens are fitted directly on to the window and seal off the window frame perfectly. The pull-down function is extremely convenient, because the screen can stay in any position. This product can also be combined with sun protection.

Rotating screens

We recommend insect protection with rotating frames for balcony doors. The insect protection screen can be conveniently opened and closed with a magnet lock.

Sliding Screen Doors

Ball bearing mounted sliding doors ensure smooth opening and closing. Sliding frames are also available in two-sash versions especially for large-scale elements.

Fixed screens

Continuous brush sealing on the fixed frames prevents insects from entering. Sprung brackets make installing and uninstalling easy.